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Permission To Come Aboard I

Posted on Sat Jul 28th, 2018 @ 7:53pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Commodore Raul Mizumoto & Commander Fiona McCray & Commander Yuna Raza & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean
Edited on on Sun Jul 29th, 2018 @ 4:58am

Mission: Present Tense
Location: USS Victory, Utopia Planitia shipyards, Mars
Timeline: 2285

As the shuttle winged its way toward Mars and the Utopia Planitia shipyards, Captain Charybdis tapped away at her PDD, sending a message and awaiting a reply. She stepped to the pilot's seat, dragging Fiona with her and with Selune crowded into the shot, she snapped a photo to accompany the message.

After significant finger wiggling and several creative threats to paint the ship Captain Green and Commander Red if they didn't give her room to actually fly, Selune managed to get the two of them to take a step back as she gave Chary a visual tour of her new ship, softly rolling around it and giving the message recipient time to react as she took the scenic route towards the shuttle bay.

In the security office of the USS Victory, a message came through, accompanied by a photo. It looked like the Bonne Chance Trio... looking not a day older than the last time she had seen them- grinning like idiots, wearing... modern captain, commander and lieutenant commander rank? And the accompanying message read :

"Oi Dottie, heave to and prepare to be boarded! - Commander Fiona McCray"

"Meet us in the shuttlecraft bay, Yuna... we've some catching up to do, and some business to attend to. - Captain Charybdis"

"Well colour me spotless and spray me purple," Yuna breathed, was her most fantastic CO about to be replaced? She was sure she'd done it this time when she'd ordered a 5km pack march around Deck 5 last night at 3am, guaranteed to keep the Captain awake. Damn him and the horse he rode in on.

She stowed the ration bar she was in the process of eating - raspberry crisp - except it wasn't crisp, or very raspberry like, and hoiked it to the shuttle bay.

Unable to contain herself she bounced around on her toes until the shuttle landed.

Inside the shuttle the captain addressed the occupants. "Okay people, this is it. No speeches- you all know your jobs. Move in, secure your departments, relieve anyone currently in your position- nicely if possible, not so nicely if necessary. This is our first test from Starfleet, and this is the least hurdle we'll face. Yuna's waiting for us on the shuttle flight deck, so don't hesitate to call for security if you should be desirous of it- note I did not imply that any of us would need them," she said, looking pointedly at Andurean.

Andurean lifted the serpent and stared it in the eye with a stern look. It hissed once, softly. He put it back around his neck where, grumpily, it eyed them.

"By the way... captain's prerogative, Mister Andurean. As of 0400 this morning, Lieutenant Andurean is the Chief Communications Officer of the USS Victory," she said, tossing the rank bars to Andurean. "There are, it seems, no better qualified applicants in Starfleet, forget about available. And none of them took a twenty year nap for me. So I hope you don't mind the seat and the responsibility. Lieutenant. She's your department now."

"Then I had better use my new rank had I not?" Andurean asked her rhetorically and turned to the communications controls. She smiled despite herself... always so serious, the Kolari made an interesting counterpoint to the perpetually cheerful doctor.

"Meanwhile, Doctor, if Sickbay isn't ready, you have my full authority to make it happen- and you set it up to your own satisfaction. Lieutenant Commander, make sure my pilots are ready as you are to do something insane with my ship on request. Commander... make sure my back doesn't sprout a d'k tahg... at least, not too early."

Fi snapped her CO a proper salute. "Aye Aye, Captain!" the grin spoiled the propriety just a bit but the words were sincere.

Eyebrows waggling, Char smiled broadly. "Still trying to get used to that, but I'd better do it in a hurry..."

"I suggest you do before you meet Herod," Siivas replied, waving the padd in the air he'd finished scanning an hour ago and then imparted to the rest of his group. "He is, if nothing else, everything you hate in a male."

"Well, at least I haven't slept with him, so he's got that going for him..." she quipped.

Selune shrugged, "There's still time yet," she joked.

The shuttle eased into its final resting place, the engines powering down and the space doors sliding closed behind them. Safely in the control section Yuna watched the bay repressurize before bolting down the ladder and onto the bay floor as quickly as her spotted legs could carry her. The ramp descended, and it was as though a time capsule had been opened.

"Well Bless my Spots... you're ALIVE!" she squeaked in a manner most unbecoming a person of her meager rank.

The redhead coming out of the shuttle paused at the bottom of the ramp and said a formal "Permission tae come aboard?" then followed it up with a much warmer, "Hullo Dottie, didja miss me?" she shifted the weight of her duffle and stepped out of the way letting the others out.

"How are you all alive? I don't believe it!" Yuna resisted the urge to wrap them in a bear hug - for now. The appropriate time would present itself hopefully in the near future.

"Oh, permission granted, I don't care what the Captain says - it's GREAT to have you here!" she added

Fiona chuckled, "Yeah, we're alive...believe it," She wagged an impish eyebrow, " Glad tae be here! It's a tale for later though."

Selune swiveled in her chair, watching the others unloading. The ship had a pall of oppression that penetrated the very air and suddenly she didn't have any great urge to leave her seat. Idly playing with her rank insignia she stared blankly at her companions disembarking, their sense of determination practically oozing out with them as she tried to work up the same level of confidence in her new situation.

The tall Vulcan stepped out of the shuttle and looked around, surveying the shuttle bay like she owned it, before looking over to see the Security Chief, and her face lit up. "Captain Charybdis requesting permission to come aboard, chief?" She strode in slowly, closing the distance with her trademark saunter and smirk.

"YOU'RE the new Captain?" Yuna's jaw all but hit the deck. "Holy Mudbuckets! How the hell did that happen? You vanish, then you reappear 20 years later with stripes? Do you have ANY idea what I've been through?!?" Yuna couldn't control the stream of questions.

Charybdis looked hurt by the exclamation, but she kept it professional. "I promise, I will be happy to explain everything... but for now I need to find Captain Herod and have a bit of a conversation with him." Behind her, Doctor McKenzie and Lieutenant Andurean disembarked, taking advantage of the distraction to move quietly off to the turbolifts with the medical team in tow, two of them rolling like gigantic purple tumbleweeds.

Moving suddenly, the captain swept the smaller woman into a brief hug. "I'm sorry we left you behind, Yuna... but we're here now. Let's get to work and straighten this mickey mouse command up, then you can ask us all the questions in the world, okay?"

"You better not bloody well leave me behind again," Yuna retorted, folding her arms defensively in front of her.

"Well we were goin tae take you with us, but you ware off gadding aboot on security duty. Next time we'll be sure that you're no workin' when we rework tha laws oov physics," Fiona stepped over and gave the Trill a non-regulation hug. "I've got a bottle in me bags to go along with the talk we're gonna end oop havin," she promised. "Now, I guess it's time tae beard tha lion in his den."

"And that's my cue. Lieutenant Commander, please escort me to Captain Herod please." Char said formally, her hands folded behind her back and her erect posture all business.

"MY pleasure" Celes replied, giving Char a quick salute before turning on her feet. She knew what was about to happen without being told, and was only thankful she got to play a part in the downfall of a dickhead.

They moved through the halls at a rapid clip... Yuna was just as fast as she'd always been, and she seemed somehow motivated. As they moved through the halls they passed the security chief's Andorian Master At Arms, and she gestured for her to fall in with the Vulcan captain and Human commander moving along at her heels.

The blue skinned woman nodded briefly with one very graceful arched eyebrow and then stepped in line. Giving a quick glance at Yuna, "Something you want to let me in on Ma'am...?" she asked acidly, not arguing but definitely wanting to be let in on what's going in on as this was the first bit of action she'd seen since coming aboard and having to deal with her "new status" on this ship.

Yuna felt like a new woman, a woman with purpose despite her advancing years. Damn them... they hadn't aged a day since she'd seen them last, and she'd aged 20 years. Damn them!

"Let's just say that the thorn in our sides is about to be dethroned," Yuna said cryptically as they approached the Captain's quarters.

"Just up here," she said to Char, slowing to a walk and pulling a phaser pistol out of its holster on her hip.

Fiona's eyebrows went up at the pistol but she maintained her silence. The grin slid off her her face, replaced by a more serious demeanor.

"That won't be necessary, Lieutenant Commander. I just needed to know where to find the Captain was all... if you and Lieutenant Zarath would be so kind as to stand down and perhaps show the Commander to the bridge, I would appreciate it." Her tone was light and polite, but there was no arguing with it. "I will be happy to call you should the need... arise."


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