Deck Listing


Description & deck Major features

1 Bridge, secondary phaser control, V.I.P. docking port, emergency batteries

2 Primary research labs, technicians' work areas and duty stations, Security chief's office, Temporary holding cells

3 Primary Science labs, technicians' work areas and duty stations, Kitchen, V.I.P. lounge (Captain's mess), Officers' lounge

4 Crew quarters (junior officers', passenger), V.I.P. quarters, junior officers' quarters, conference room

5 Crew quarters (junior officers', passenger), Senior officers' quarters (including Captain's quarters)

6 Crew quarters (junior officers', passenger), Sickbay, Crew mess rooms, crew lounge, personnel airlocks, gangway hatch, turbolift maintenance, impulse engineering, impulse deflection crystal, fusion reactors

7 Water and bulk storage, main computer core, Auxiliary control, transporter rooms, briefing room, armory, rec deck, bowling alley and racquet ball facilities, chapel, cargo storage, life support, water tanks, battery systems, waste recovery, saucer section landing struts, main brig, gymnasium.

8 Recreation area (outdoor simulation), holographic entertainment center, main mechanical food preparation, laundry, main computer core (lower part), Main docking ports, explosive bolts for separation, planetfall ramp, auxiliary fire control, laundry, fabrication facility

9 Cargo and freight storage, technicians' repair shops, Viewing lounges, specialized passenger cabin

10 Cargo and freight storage, technicians' repair shops, Primary hull circuit breaker room, specialized passenger cabin

11 Primary phaser control facility, Main sensor array monitoring station, specialized passenger cabin, crew lounge

12 Photon torpedo storage, torpedo exhaust system

13 Photon torpedo room, torpedo tubes, docking ports, auxiliary torpedo fire control

14 Engineering, computer monitoring room and bay

15 Main Engineering, horizontal intermix chamber, dilithium reactor room, landing bay control room

16 Power converters (M/ARAs), secondary hull main battery room, Chief engineer's office, briefing room, primary maintenance, turbolift repair, landing bay observation galleries, landing bay tractor beam

17 Emergency transporters, circuit breaker room, docking ports, landing bay.

18 Secondary hull auxiliary control, shuttlecraft hangar, lifeboats

19 Cargo storage, cargo transporters, shuttlecraft maintenance

20 Matter/antimatter storage, botanical garden and lab, regulation pool sun deck, tractor beam housing

21 Matter/antimatter storage (lower part), tractor beam, waste recovery, water tanks, swimming pool