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Permission To Come Aboard II

Posted on Sun Jul 29th, 2018 @ 12:12am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Commander Fiona McCray & Commander Yuna Raza & Commander Maur Weaver & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie
Edited on on Sun Jul 29th, 2018 @ 4:53am

Mission: Present Tense
Location: USS Victory, Utopia Planitia shipyards, Mars
Timeline: 2285

Having pursed her lips, but not said anything to the higher ups, Zarath looked at the Commander and gestured to her the other direction.

The tiny human red head gave the Andorian a wide grin, "McCray," she said with a nod, "thanks for playing tour guide."

With a nonchalant shrug she nodded again. "As you say Ma'am, it's just interesting to be in on a little change in scenery," she continued walking down the hall to the turbolifts. "This is the short way. I figured this would be better than the long... when you're ready for the full tour, just let me know, I know all the fun places here so far... "

Fiona chuckled. "For now I'll just settle for the XO's post and quarters. It's my understanding that there isn't a current First Officer that I need to relieve?"

"Not at the present moment, Ma'am, he was relieved a short time ago by the 'Captain' because of getting in his way at mess. I'm unsure how being in front in line for grub was in his way, but then again, the Captain really wasn't one to miss his food from what I've observed... sort of why I figured he would just have it brought to the Captain's mess instead."

The new XO missed a step. "Jaysus.... Sounds like we're gettin' here joost in time," she said tersely.

Giving a noncommittal nod of her head, Ania replied, "As you say, Ma'am. I'll just be thrilled to be able to do my job."

The redhead fell silent and followed the Master at Arms the rest of the way without much in the way of commentary. It was obvious that something was disturbing the small human.

After the silence lingered for a moment the tall woman glanced down, "Ma'am something you need to get off your chest?" Her voice strong, stern and not really 'warm' but more of a cold water feel to it. Probably the friendliest McCray had heard an Andorian be, really.

Fiona shook her head. "No, not especially. Joost wondering how mooch oov a mess I'm going tae have tae shovel and how mooch damage needs tae be fixed," she huffed out a breath, "nothin damages more ships than a bad sort in the command seat."

"I'll be straight with you Ma'am, there is going to be a lot that you are going to have to fix. The Captain is a horse's ass, and unable to take his thumb out of his behind. He doesn't think kindly of women, and all of us that have been on here, have been here on a 'trial' basis. Most of us do not know what our place on this boat is going to be and don't really know if we'd made the right decision to move on over to here. It would be great to be able to do my job without fear of reprisal." She sighed then, "I would just like to be able to come to someone with a report and have it listened to and not told what a shit ass job I was doing because I wasn't a male."

The Scot listened solemnly. "Thankye for yer candor. Sounds pretty mooch like the assessment I'd already read," she paused a moment then said quietly, "Any time you make a report to me it will be treated with all due respect. You do your job and follow your Chief, and you will be aces in my books and no doubt in the new Captain's as well. She's no push over boot she's fair an honest."

"As you say Ma'am. I hope to be taken seriously, it's taken a long time for someone to do so." Frowning, she added, "And being here hasn't been easy, but a far reach better than the last few posts I've been at."

"Well, hopefully we will be able to improve upon that even more. I know we aim tae try," the first officer said with a sharp nod. "I tell ye what... I'll listen tae you with respect... if you kick me in the seat if I get oot oov hand," her expression was completely serious. "This is my first time as a first officer... my big goal is tae make tha Victory a guid ship tae serve on without causing too mooch trouble for tha rank and file."

A ghost of a grin slid onto the woman's face and then it was quickly away. "As you wish, Ma'am. As long as you remember reporting in for combat training when appropriate I doubt I'll have to do much kicking..."

That got an answering grin, "I'll remember thet... what's my scheduled time tae report in tae ye?"

"I'll have to get back to you on that Ma'am, as it seems my current roster is going to have some changes on it... once I have a new list, I'll let ya know when you'll have to report to the mats."

"Fair enough," Fiona glanced up as the doors to the bridge opened. She squared her shoulders and strode into the command center like she owned it. "First Officer Fiona McCray, on the bridge and on duty," she announced properly. Then turned to the Master at Arms, "As you were... and thank you for the escort Lieutenant," her tone was properly polite.

Lieutenant Zarath nodded and stood to the side of the turbolift at ease, but ready to respond, remaining silent.

LT Commander Celes stepped aside with a small smile, taking over the security station towards the rear of the bridge. She kept silent and allowed Fi to work her magic with the bemused bridge crew.

The tiny Scot took a deep breath and strode to the center of the room and cleared her throat. "Commander Fiona McCray, instituting change of command protocols." She rattled off the proper codes clearly and concisely then put her passwords into the computer.

Everyone on the bridge turned and looked around, eying the newcomer with a look of incredulous wonder. Who was this bird strolling onto the bridge and simply taking over?

"If you would turn your attention to your duty station you will find today's orders," the small human female said crisply. "Please, carry on with your duties. Could someone provide me the most recent log?" she asked as she strolled over and sat down in the empty command chair - the act was only minorly marred by her having to hop up slightly to get into it.

Ensign Malfoy turned around from his station. He was a very young officer, as green as they come and fresh out of the academy.

"Sorry... um... Ma'am... but who the hell are you?" he blurted, red faced and pimple ridden.

The red head leaned forward and gave him a brilliant smile. "Weren't you listening? I'm your new First Officer. Now turn and look at your duty station, read tha orders," steel edged her voice, "then you can turn back around and ask me any questions that you might have... with a properly respectful tone." She held up a hand, "That was your first bit of grace ...Ensign Malfoy."

The rank was audibly underscored.

Lieutenant Zarath bristled slightly, waiting to see if she would have to take an action like having had to do in the past...

When the call came over the comm the new XO nodded for the Security Chief to go. From the Captain's chair Fiona entered the commands to override and remove Captain Herod's command codes from the ship's systems, locking him out completely.


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