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Lieutenant Commander Selune

Name Selune

Position Chief Helmsman

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitan
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 177 cm / 5'10"
Weight 75 kg / 165 lbs
Hair Color Silver white
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Sleek and slender, grace in motion.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father N'aniwa
Mother M'iriven
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family While they still hold a deep loyalty to each other Selune and her home community have become somewhat estranged due to the nature of her assignment in Starfleet and her reasons for joining

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Selune possesses the same deep seated loyalty to her companions as all caitians do as well as a deep empathy for her fellows. Her reflexes, balance and hand eye co-ordination are all higher than the average humans and she is gifted with her races excellent night vision. When she is under pressure she is calm and focused, however she can be prone to bouts of boredom and has an almost casual lack of ultimate ambition.
Ambitions Selune practises a form of meditative martial art on a regular basis. This helps to both focus her as well as keep her physically fit to fight the constant threat of heart complications all Caitians are prone to. She still maintains a firm interest in small vehicle flight, taking any opportunity to pilot a shuttle for the simple joy of the experience which she hasn’t lost since the first time she was taken into the air all those years ago.

Personal History Selune was raised in a small community on the northern shores of Larrrtov. She was named for the colour her fur – as well as being born under a full moon – rather than using the traditional naming system, due to the ever-increasing rarity of the occasion as well some local stigma still attached to the Polar Cait and their distinctive colouration.

Selune’s first introduction to flight came when a small transport shuttle was forced to make an emergency landing near her town. While it was only caused by a minor mechanical malfunction, it was still a fairly exceptional event in the area and Selune spent a great deal of time pestering the pilot with incessant questions and inquiries about his vehicle and the very nature of flight.

Due to the minor nature of the pilot's flight and the lack of urgency or injury around his landing, it was two solar days before anyone was dispatched to repair the craft... and during this time Selune’s interest in flight was aroused.

When it came time for the stricken pilot to leave, he convinced her parents to allow him to take her – as well as several others from the town – on a small orbital flight. This drove a budding interest into a deep passion for Selune, and she soon dreamed of nothing short of flying her own starship.

Curiosity, it seemed, was strong in the cat.

After several months of begging, pleading and generally making a nuisance of herself Selune managed to convince her parents to let her study on Earth with the intention of one day becoming a pilot.

While she began her flight training Selune began to have the foundations of her culture slowly shaken. She began to become more and more interested in the idea of flying with the Federation and defending the people around her instead of simply flying for just her own personal pleasure. This culminated in her decision to join Starfleet, despite the possibility that she might become responsible for the deaths of others, and the inherent potential for violent encounters in the future.

The decision created something of a cooling in the relationship between Selune and her parents; however, she continued with her chosen path under the firm belief that it was for a good cause, and that she could better the lives of others more this way than as a freighter pilot or flying tourists across L'narrr.
Service Record 2263 - Graduated from the academy with honours after displaying exceptional ability under stress when she successfully crash landed a training shuttle during an unplanned accident.

2264 – Assigned to the USS Agamemnon survey ship. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2265 – Assigned to the USS Bonne Chance

2265 - Killed in Action, Risa.

2285 - Returned from temporal warp accident, reassigned USS Victory as chief helmsman