Present Tense

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Cleared by Starfleet Command and a deal having been struck, the Bonne Chance Trio set out to assume command of the USS Victory, and prepare themselves, their ship and their new crew for the maiden voyage of the new pride of the fleet!

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Taking Chances

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The newly-minted Lieutenant Charybdis is assigned to the Bonne Chance, where she makes herself at home and goes right to work making waves. But what potentially deadly secrets does she hide from her shipmates?

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Operation: Risa!

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The crew of the Bonne Chance take shoreleave on Risa, the pleasure planet. Which somehow manages to all go terribly wrong...

Part of The Bonne Chance era

Past Tense

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The ladies of the Bonne Chance retreat to a secluded modern cabin in the woods on Risa while one of their number nurses a broken heart. But little do they realize that the Orion Syndicate is well aware of their presence, and they have a score to settle with Bonnie lasses...

Future Tense

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Having been catapulted twenty years into the future, the ladies of the Bonne Chance face a world that has changed and moved on, yet still has some familiar faces. Their roles in history are fixed, however, and their reappearance creates problems for Starfleet in more ways than one.

Part of Prologue