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Commander Yuna Raza

Name Yuna Celes Raza

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3" / 160 CM
Weight 110 lbs / 50 kilos
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A wide and cheerful smile... that most folks never get to see.

That pretty much sums up Yuna Raza.

Slender and rangy, with a runner's build, she is a firecracker- small in stature, shapely in a slender athletic way, and almost plain, nondescript... until she smiles, then she can light up a room. That nondescript look is an advantage that she presses fully, using it to pass unnoticed when performing surveilance, or in fights when due to her smaller stature and lean build they assume she is no threat.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Estranged
Mother Estranged
Brother(s) Estranged
Sister(s) Estranged
Other Family Estranged

Personality & Traits

General Overview "Cranky. Yuna is just... well, she is a warm and caring woman, she is, it's just that... well, she's always been a bit irascible. She is contrary and bull-headed and determined, and that can cause her to appear cranky to most. And she hates paperwork, lord does she loathe paperwork. But I will tell you this- if you get in a fight, not matter what kind of fight it is, you want Yuna Raza at your back. because she'll fight longer and harder and more courageously than half a security detail... especially if you've earned her loyalty. That's who Yuna Raza is... to me.

And she was my friend, once and again."

~Charybdis, Captain, USS Victory

Personal History Raza's known past hosts:

Darv Raza, Geologist, USS Murphy, assassinated. Joined in 2279. (2279 - 2286)
Greta Raza, female schoolteacher, death by old age. Joined in 2254 (2254 - 2279)
Kono Raza, female science officer, wrote mystery romance novels set primarily in the Triannic period. Heart attack. Joined in 2231 (2231 - 2254)
Akhar Raza, male counselor, died of heart failure. Joined in 2180 (2180 - 2231)
Nuh Raza, female opera singer, died of medication complications. Joined in 2154 (2154 - 2180)
Raza, , revolutionized star charting for the federation, died during boating accident. Joined in 2074 (2074 - 2154 )
Raza, female housewife, mother of four, died of a broken heart. Joined in 2025 (2025 - 2074)
Shazon Raza,archaeologist, died during excavation of lost city of topak-re. Joined in 2000 (2000- 2025)
Pol Raza, military murderer, executed. Joined in 1958 (1958 - 2000 )
Fon Raza, dabbled in painting and raised leesos, trampled to death by leesos, Joined in 1887 ( 1887 - 1958)
Gan Raza, farmer's wife, Died of old age at 42. Joined in 1801 (1801 - 1887)