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Catapulted through time by a combination of sabotage and desperate experimentation, the "Bonaventure Three" find themselves twenty years out of time, and facing a world that believes them dead... and worse. As they struggle to find their place in this brave new world, old troubles haunt them even as new challenges arise.


Past Tense
Future Tense
Present Tense

Group Post Count: 101

Included Missions

Future Tense

Post Count: 49

Having been catapulted twenty years into the future, the ladies of the Bonne Chance face a world that has changed and moved on, yet still has some familiar faces. Their roles in history are fixed, however, and their reappearance creates problems for Starfleet in more ways than one.

Present Tense

Post Count: 52

Cleared by Starfleet Command and a deal having been struck, the Bonne Chance Trio set out to assume command of the USS Victory, and prepare themselves, their ship and their new crew for the maiden voyage of the new pride of the fleet!