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Elegant Victory

Posted on Sun Jul 29th, 2018 @ 5:11am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean
Edited on on Sun Jul 29th, 2018 @ 5:11am

Mission: Present Tense
Location: USS Victory, Deck 6, Sickbay
Timeline: Pre-Launch 24 days, 0614 hours local time

Siivas and his team entered the sickbay of the USS Victory and paused, as the frosted-aluminum doors slid shut behind them with a soft hiss. Andurean, of course, was in his department to meet his new CO and to begin to... communicate... properly. Certainly the read of the current CO and the crew had been interested reading and then sharing that information to Coy, Xian's twenty-two year old sister and soon to be nurse, had been interesting.

Xian, per his request, had gone off the Deltan to study at the Idherii Healing Center where Siivas had been trained. She had been passed the same experiences he had, been trained much of the same information he was and while her abilities were honed to The Way, she was never inducted to become a Healing Priest, or 'Am, because that truly wasn't her direction in life. But after ten years of training and meeting the requirements (easily, he had noted with no little pride) of Al'Eshuur, she had gone back to Earth and begun to train her family, all who had some portion of their special heritage, setting up a holistic clinic in the mountains near Beijing.

Coy was her eldest sister and, per Xian's letter that came with her little sister, the most promising and outgoing. She apologizes in advance for her sisters brazen nature. Coy looked just like her sister, down to the hairstyle and the height and weight. It was like they had been stamped from the same mold. But where Xian had been timid or unsure in some situations, Coy was not of those. She was, in fact, quite outspoken and proud of her accomplishments but at the same time, she knew she had a great deal to learn so she wasn't given to bragging or making idly chatter.

Her rather impressive feat to date was sharing the message from her sister, as she had experienced it, stripped of her own perceptions or emotional clouding and given it straight to Siivas just like he would have expected any other advanced Deltan. Just like Shareen, in fact. Of the two of them, they had returned to Delta Prime with Xian and taken up residence there, working in the Lineage business of herbalism and botany and the medicinal synthesizing of extracts from natural sources. They had two daughters, made by combining their zygotes, quarter Vulcan and Human and half Deltan and blond like S'tal.

Proot and Priit had gone off and done their own things as well, retaining their positions in Starfleet but slow to promote as most non-humanoids faced, they had remained on planetside stations. Now that the call had come, Siivas had arranged for their transfer and they had joined him at their last stop before arriving here. Their offspring, Nuus, had remained back on their homeworld to be a part of a new practice the species was trying- parenting.

So accompanied by two of his old team and one new face, he had entered their new assignment and paused, to look at the gleaming newness of Starfleet.

And been greeted by a mess.

Siivas cocked his head, looked to both sides and caught the eyes of his team and frowned slightly, ears beginning to pink. He took a deep breath and headed into the disarray and that was to be a sickbay and surveyed the damage. The main ward, beyond the small waiting area (which was pristine in fact) should have had nine biobeds; five for treatment, four for semi-isolated treatment with frosted aluminum barriers between. In a walled off area, there was a steri-field projector in the ceiling and a surgical theater, which seemed rather a silly waste of space since surgery could and was often done out in the main area anyway, when required.

But that had been Starfleet's buck to spend on design.

Then behind all of that, was the morgue, the labs and the iso-wards for those with unusual environmental requirements or possibly contagious elements.

But what they saw was dirty, the one and only biobed was encased in its traveling plastic and the surgical suite looked half constructed.

"What in the name of John Carter Warlord of Mars do you people think you're doing in here...? asked a sharply tart voice as a middle-aged woman with a rather shoddy haircut and fading red hair topping a rather sturdy figure bustled out from one of the supply closets. "Are you here with the biobeds... and what the high holy hell are THOSE things... are they drooling on the floor...?"

"Doctor Smith I presume," Siivas replied to her tirade, a woman clearly after Herod's heart and very likely a croney, though perhaps of circumstance rather than intent. "As of 0600 Earth time this morning, the command of this vessel has changed hands and we are the new command staff. If you'd like to stay on as assistant medical officer, you're welcome to, though I would suggest you brush up on your xeno-medicine if you don't recognize a Sulamid, because there's a Horta coming to the science department." He held out the padd for her to look at.

The woman's face pinched up and she looked as though she had just tried an alum taste test. "We'll see what Captain Herod has to say about this! Assistant medical officer indeed... I'm the chief medical officer on this boat, you just watch and see what happens when I talk to the Captain, mister!"

She moved to leave sickbay, skirted the Sulamid with obvious and clearly-displayed revulsion and practically bolted out into the corridor... never to be seen again.

Proot's coloring had changed to brown and purple as she was leaving but had not quite gotten away said distinctly, "A pity there are Humans still like that one. They're so tasty."

Pritt poked Proot with a tentacle hard and muttered, "We're in public!"

"TESTY!," Proot squeaked loudly, "Apologies, I mis-spoke. I meant to say 'testy'."

"Of course you did," Siivas turned, grinning, along with Coy, who had a touch of savage in her cool smile. She had been ready to hurt the other woman.


"It appears we have much to do," he said and sighed, popped open his personal communicator, a small oval device that looked like an innocuous worry-stone. "Andurean, it's like I thought down here. Can you get me logistics and pendings?"

+One moment+ Andurean's dry tone betrayed more than a touch of disgust that clearly had nothing to do with Siivas' situation. Apparently the logistics, strategic command and communications division of the starship, which Communications oversaw, was... 'askew'. A melody of soft beeps and pings as he entered commands and sent information requirements and got back responses and reports. +Captain Charybdis+ he murmured on another channel +I've transferred all command preferences though much of it is no longer compatible. I'll attempt to have my team convert the requests; it should be good training for them+ a pause +Yes captain, working with the Doctor now. It appears that woman and the captain may have been two of a kind, sickbay appears to be in need of emergency care of its own. Logistics is, as you may be familiar, part of the Communication department's purview. I'm lining up yeoman with requisitions for you or Fiona to sign off on. All those pads have been linked in so as soon as you approve, they'll send out via subspace immediately+ He paused and came back to Siivas +I've read about what you had to do with the Bonaventure when you first arrived. It appears it will be necessary again+ Siivas put his face in his other hand and then let go, ears pink +Fine. I need signal open tae Delta Prime. Please let me new when ye've got me one aye?+

+Aye Doctor+ Andurean replied firmly in his role as Communications and Logistics officer.

"Right," Siivas turned to the three of them, "Coy, check personnel and see if there's anyone else coming or in hiding on the ship. We need a head-count. P and P, take stock of the damage. I've got no idea what we've got and what we haven't. I'll do the engineering assessment and look at the equipment and see what we've got to work with. Push comes to shove, I'm going to requisition more medics." They spread out as Siivas pulled a customized tricorder out of his bag, swapped out the data block in the bottom and then let the OS change over to the new parameters. With a sigh, he stepped over a still-packaged support spar and went to the biobed assemblies first.


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