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Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie

Name Siivas Ralm McKenzie

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deltan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 145
Hair Color Red eyebrows
Eye Color Seafoam Green
Physical Description Siivas is a slightly shorter-than-average Deltan who's pale aquiline features are strangely similar to his foster-parents. He is short of stature with a lean body, wider shoulders and when seen out of his normal uniform, his body is whipcord and sinew.

Siivas would be a red-head if, as a human, he had any hair. As it is his eyebrows are that copper red that is well sought-after of those of Irish or Scottish descent on earth, his eyes are a sea-foam blue-green color and his lips are full but his upper lip has a noticeable central point.


Spouse Partner, Andurean
Children Siivas has donated genetic material to the Lineage and has fathered six children to carry his parmydrani, his legacy of experience. Siivas has never met or associated with his offspring and has shared his parmydrani with his grand-mother, who has then bequeathed them to the children when they were old enough to handle the special gift.
Father Torran MacKenzie/Izhar Tal - deceased
Mother Verdan MacKenzie/Aruhn Tal - deceased
Brother(s) His human foster-brothers Donal, Merri, Quin and Corvis are all deceases by now, though their grand-children have survived and Siivas has met them. Neither claims the other aside from Clan-Right.

His Lineage descendants claim him as a member of the Lineage but Deltans measure these relationships differently. He is as loved and cherished by these people as he was by the originals, who knew him first but who now carry those experiences and memories.
Sister(s) His human foster-sisters Aletha, Primrose and Quail (Quin's twin) are also all deceased and only Quin's grandchildren lay claim to Siivas as a member of their immediate family, having actually gotten some Deltan genes from their father's side.

His Lineage descendants claim him as a member of the Lineage but Deltans measure these relationships differently. He is as loved and cherished by these people as he was by the originals, who knew him first but who now carry those experiences and memories.
Other Family Clan MacKenzie is rather large, like his Lineage through the Tal on Delta. The difference is that by and large, they don't know what to do with him and he's an alien, despite his fosterage and adoption.

His Lineage descendants claim him as a member of the Lineage but Deltans measure these relationships differently. He is as loved and cherished by these people as he was by the originals, who knew him first but who now carry those experiences and memories.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Siivas isn't pensive, despite his history and the terrible tragedy that he survived, nor the terrible tragedy caused because he did survive. Typical of a Deltan, he approached each day as a gift and he's glad to be alive and to be able to continue to experience existence and to continue to grow as a person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Siivas is a Deltan and as such, he is empathic. Siivas is also telepathic, a semi-rare ability for Deltans but one they seem to be evolving towards, generation upon generation. In Siivas' case, he communicates telepathically best with other psionic individuals and can use his empathy with a high degree of skill and technique because of his training as a Healing-Priest.

Siivas has a great deal of collective experience serving with Humans, not just on the MacKenzie's J-class freighter but also on his original ship, the NX-class USS Liberty for three years. The Liberty was lost with all hands 2 years before the Federation was founded. Because of his experience and having been "raised by wolves" he comes across as a lot more "Human" than other Deltans. Many often forget he isn't just a bald human with good cologne.

Because of Siivas' training as an Adept, he is able to limit his pheromone production and has proven himself to Starfleet standards capable of serving on a mixed crew for extended periods of time.

Siivas often feels disconnected by his dual heritage being born a Deltan and being raised by Humans, Scottish Humans by way of Texas, at that. There are times he catches himself being ashamed of being Deltan and times he finds himself being ashamed he's Human.

Siivas is super sensitive to changes in the fabric of space. This is called Subspatial Dysphasia and one out of every one-thousand Deltans has it. Most of those that do are also fairly strong in psionics and most are pilots. If the fabric of space or the nature of space changes too rapidly, Siivas will become unconscious and can have seizures and pass into a coma. With proper support, the technique is easy and common-enough, he can be roused before this happens and return to duties in a few minutes. If he knows it's going to happen, he can prep himself to help ward it off. This is most often caused by a bad transport, a bad warp initiation or a loss of warp field integrity or a massive destabilization of warp field. Subspace events and anomalies also knock him down.

Siivas sometimes loses his cool, turns bright red and get loud. That's "Gettin' me Scott up!", as he calls it. His accent also deepens into a thick brogue you can stick a spoon in and it'll stand up on it's own. He can become quite stubborn, imperious and unrepentantly disrespectful during these bouts.
Ambitions Siivas would like to command some day. He's also like to stick his size eight jack-boot up Logistic's posteriors for the way they lose his possessions every, single, time, he travels, anywhere.

He'd also love to help the Federation learn its a bad idea to pick on Deltans... though he knows that'd be counter-productive to the Deltan Plan and he'd get in trouble.
Hobbies & Interests Interests Siivas learned a lot of hobbies to help divert himself as well as to do something Deltans do really well: make beautiful things. So he arranges flowers, cooks, plays a variety of logic-based games, practices shizaru (Deltan martial art "Dancing Wind"), paints and has become highly skilled at an exceedingly difficult artform: the coloring and crafting of Deltan wind-silk.

Personal History Siivas was born in 2114 to Izhar and Ahrun Tal, who often traveled as part of their business to various colonies and alien ports, selling essences and medical supplies to various species that couldn't be replicated elsewhere. In 2115 their cargo-ship was attacked by Nausicaan raiders and knowing that they were about to be boarded and it was unlikely any of them would survive, they ejected their youngest child in an escape pod with a delayed beacon on it, set their own com to begin broadcasting a distress call to any ship that could pick it up and put up a fight.

The J-class freighter, Scottish Luck, picked up the initial distress call and put out a call to other ships int he area to see if anyone else was diverting. The language was unfamiliar but all civilized ships knew the mathematical codes for a distress call and knew to use them. Most freighters were poorly armed or unarmed at all and were cautious so they bode their time as they scanned and headed in that direction, watchful for a trap.

An hour into their diversion the distress call failed and stopped and they slowed, barely maintaining warp one as they considered what to do. Still headed in that direction, Verdan got the intuition that they needed to go and to hurry. She didn't know why but she was in tears, she felt alone and cold and hungry.

A few moments later another distress beacon, this one for a pod, appeared on their coms. Verdan glared at her husband who thought she might've been pregnant again and she pointed at it imperiously, face red and splotchy.

The Luck accelerated to warp two-point-two and in short order they had the pod. Inside, they found a baby. It looked Human, it smelled nice and clean and like a baby but it was in an escape pod with labels and diagrams and all sorts of things that didn't look Human at all.

But nobody could suspect the baby of being a weird alien or anything.

Siivas, at just eleven months, could say his own name and a few Deltan words. He no longer wore diapers, could walk and trot around and was clearly a lot more mature than his size would suggest. But their weirdest thing was, if someone was angry or sad or upset- he burst into tears and could not be consoled until he was in that person's arms and they had started to feel better. He made people feel better and they didn't know why.

This is where they learned he knew his name was Siivas. He repeated it over and over as they tried to give him other names and he wouldn't accept them, instead repeating his name and indicating himself. So they taught him their names and Siivas, who always wanted to cuddle after a lesson, seemed to absorb lessons like a sponge.

By the time Siivas was ten standard years old, that "good smell" had changed slightly and everyone aboard was on mandatory contraceptives. Shore Leave had caused more than a few angry parents, not all of them on the Luck itself, though Siivas was a "good boy" and kept himself in his pants. He also was working in the medical bay and double at the helm and as a technician, being really good at plotting courses that were more efficient and saved a little fuel here and there.

He excelled in sciences and medical, he did well in helm and alright as an engineer but seemed to becoming more and more temperamental. By the time he was twelve, his scent had changed and his parents and family had to sequester him to his quarters, with the central life support diverted and using "canned air". He was angry and frustrated, he was hungry all the time, feverish and never nauseous. Everyone had figured out he was an alien some time ago, especially when he'd caught dealers trying to cheat his parents several times on their fares and fees. But this was new and they didn't know what to do or how to help.

Still having some of the pieces of the original escape pod, they got in contact with a Vulcan colleague they'd done dozens of deliveries to and for and inquired if he knew what the writing was.

They had never quite seen or heard of a Vulcan become alarmed before so his reaction, while mild, amounted to "oh my god where did you get that and please tell me you didn't kill someone for it". They explained the rescue, the raising, the special abilities and now the mood swings and the worsening temperament and their worry for their son.

This stopped Rayek. The MacKenzies still considered this child, this Deltan child, as their own son. Despite his difference of species, they already knew and accepted he was an alien some time ago, they accepted his empathy. He was internally loathe to explain what, exactly, their child was.

So, in the tradition of those Vulcans who had extensive contact with aliens, he.."allowed them to believe certain things while emphasizing others" and got them to accept his help.

In two days he had made contact with a Deltan Clan he had a great deal of contact with who were extremely interested in the basic facts he had provided them. By coincidence he had happened to be doing business with a Lineage of Deltans who had lost a freighter in that timeframe and the two who had been the pilots and traders were also newly parents. The Tal were a well known Deltan Clan, one of the Eldest and they produced many fine ambassadors, statesmen and Healers as well as Healer-Priests.

During their conversation the Tal had diverted a cargo vessel that was sixteen lightyears from the Scottish Luck and dispatched it to meet them. The captain of the vessel spoke English and at their current speed they would arrive in twenty hours. They asked Rayek to prepare the Humans for what was about to happen, as they were friends but he was also clear- the Deltan child would be leaving with them.

Rayek tried to explain things and was ultimately dissatisfied with the results, as Verdan began to sob and behave in a most unseemly emotionally reactive fashion and her mate, Torran, had turned that red color again but not exploded yet. Rayek explained quietly that the Deltans needed to take Siivas with them to save his live and to train him. He also explained that once Siivas was trained, he could choose to return to his family. But, he explained, without this training and without their help, Siivas would die and some or all of them might as well.

The results were predictable as Torran shouted things Rayek couldn't hope to begin to puzzle out and closed the channel. The Vulcan, alone, pursed his lips slightly, calculating variables and then sighed silently before returning to his work.

It was time Humans met the rest of the neighborhood and got their noses bloodied a few times. He would let them handle it themselves from this point forward.

Needless to say, when the long sleek and elegantly designed Deltan ship warped in beside the J-class and hailed in English, they got a cold reception. Negotiation took several more hours before the Captain, one Erish Tal, offered to come over alone so he could explain things and hopefully, put their fears to rest.

They agreed cautiously and while they offered to drop out of warp to dock, he indicated that wouldn't be necessary and a moment later, materialized on the bridge a few feet from Torran and Verdan MacKenzie.

They were flummoxed.

"We have transporters," Erish told them blithely. "We could have plucked him off of your ship without your permission but that would have been rude," he smiled, hands folded inside the white poncho he wore over a black body stocking. It was a demure outfit but the body stocking hid nothing while the poncho covered most of what it should have.

"You could?" Torran queried in a small voice.

"Yes," Erish nodded, eyes never leaving contact with Torran. "But you raised Siivas and you're all the family he has ever known. We don't want to traumatize anyone with what is necessary to help," he paused and scanned the assembled family, "all of you. He's in the aft port-of-forward compartments, second tier down from mains, correct?" he asked.

Several people nodded, understanding that the Deltans knew exactly where Siivas was the entire time.

"If someone would escort me to the compartment he's in?" he asked, pale gray-blue eyes sparkling under the thread-thin chain of latinum that circled his head. "No Nausicaans are going to attack while we're running with you," he added to Torran, "we're too heavily armed and they know it."

"You're..." Torran gulped, "armed?"

Torran smiled embarrassed, "I know most of the human cargo ships are lightly armed or unarmed Captain," he gave Torran his title to speak as one to another, "but when you travel through these ranges you need to be better armed or be traveling in packs so you're a lot less tempting and cut into their profit margins a bit harder." He gestured to the viewscreen that currently showed the scans of his vessel, as he knew it would, behind him. "We'll be happy to guard you all the way to New Texas," he smirked slightly, "we have business there anyway and you can spend some time with Siivas before we part ways."

Torran nodded jerkily and Verdan, who had gotten control of herself some, gesture with her head to indicate he should follow her, Her look at the children and her husband on the bridge was quelling and the Deltan, a master of body language, read the clear command "Leave us alone!".

As she escorted him through the corridors and up an down the stairs, he watched her back and smelled her pheromones. Humans had them, most species did in fact and they gave one a wealth of information if you knew how to read them. Plus, she was thinking so loudly she might as well have been screaming.

"Verdan," he said and she stopped, not turning around, though he was standing right behind her. "I know you love your son. I love mine as well. I've had to turn my son over to others, in my own culture, who had to take these steps for my son as we have to take for Siivas. He's special," he added, "and he needs our help and I know that because you can't provide this help for him, it eats at you as it did me."

She turned to face him, her face pale from his words, her cheeks streaming tears from the truth in them. "Ah keep seein' 'im as me babeh," she whispered softly.

"I know," he swallowed hard. It was difficult to be near someone who's emotions were so raw. The bridge had been hard but now, he was nearly beaten down and he hadn't even walked into the storm of rage he sensed just down the corridor. "Do you mind if I give you a gift?" he asked.

"What kind of gift?" she asked, just slightly wary.

"Among my people," he said, "we give one another memories. Treasured memories are especially wonderful and I have one, a very special one from my eldest sister, whom I loved very much. I think this is a memory you should have."

She looked him in the eye for a very long moment and surprisingly, he felt the weakest of probes. His surprise was evident and she smiled slightly, tremulously. "Yuir tha Fair Folk aren' ye?"

"A bit," he replied, familiar with the term. "I have a Dream to give you. Will you take my freely offered gift of love Verdan?"

"Aye," she nodded softly.

Gently he reached up with both hands and cupped her cheeks and leaned forward, the same height as she and touched their foreheads together and as soon as he felt the rapport slip into place, he called up Aruhn's memories.

A few moments later, he released her, tears streaming down both of their cheeks, both with joy. "That makes us kin," he told her softly, a little foolishly.

"Aye," she nodded, took his hand and kissed the back of it and pulled him gently along to Siivas' door. "Please, 'elp yuir nephew Erish."

And he did.

Siivas left the Scottish Luck within hours and the Deltans sent over a device that scrubbed the pheromones from the air and atmospheric processors thoroughly. And as promised, they traveled with the Luck all the way to New Texas and strongly deterred the local Nausicaans with phase-cannons. Siivas maintained regular contact with his parents and siblings from the Deltan ship, making contact daily. Once at New Texas, the Lineage opened a line of credit for some alterations to the Luck, installing a low-level shield array, four plasma cannons and an overhaul of their eps grid and a half-dozen special projects that they never seemed to have the time or credit balance to have done.

And then, they took the Luck's cargo and made sure it was delivered to it's ports on time and that the correct balances were transferred to the correct accounts immediately.

The entire time Siivas spent on the Deltan ship was a time of wonder and, of course, training. The training was challenging and it was simple, having to get what small children got as a near-adult was infuriating sometimes but learn it he did and in time that he was "caught up" by the time they arrived at Delta Prime a month later. And then entire time, he made a call to his parents and sibling every day, to remain a part of their lives.

Then the really hard training began.

Service Record 2136: Siivas graduated as a Kaev'l'Am from Eshu Temple on Delta Prime
2136-2140: enters Kaev'l'Am service and travels the immediate range of the Deltan Union as an Am Healer. Makes contact with his foster-parents and foster-siblings on their new enhanced Y-class freighter that has been working as an ELV or "Extended Lineage Vessel" while he's been in training, turning a better profit.
2140-2142: Remained on the Scottish Luck 2 as Healer and Navigator and Technician and helped negotiate and act as House Representative when necessary.
2142: Enters Starfleet service as a Earth citizen due to his adoptive relationship. He's the first non-human citizen of Earth.
2146: Graduates Starfleet Academy with a Doctorate in Medicine with three minors in Xeno Medicine, Xeno Biochemistry and Helm Sciences. He's also rated as a technician in starship systems because of his extensive background.
2151: NX Liberty launches from Earth with Siivas as Chief Medical Officer aboard.
2154: NX Liberty is lost with all hands inside a subspace anomaly. Siivas and the remaining crew of 62 engineer a cryogenic sleep facility in a cargo bay and leave a beacon running.

2248: As the aperture of the anomaly opens and closes regularly, it takes nearly a century before it opens again and the emergency beacon is picked up by the USS Achilles. Siivas the crew as well as the Liberty are rescued. Siivas is awarded the Silver Cross and several commendations.
2248: Siivas goes back to Delta after spending time on Earth trying to connect with the descendants of his family, which fails for the most part.
2251: Siivas re-enters Starfleet under the auspices of "catching up" and entering service again. He passes through the Academy again, his tenure is shortened by his prior skills and knowledge as well as his rank.
2265: Assigned USS Bonne Chance, Chief Medical Officer
2265: Reassigned to Project Sleepwalker
2285: Roused from Project Sleepwalker
2285: Assigned to USS Victory as CMO, promoted to LT CDR
2286: Sacrificed self to save USS Victory from contagion. awarded Starfleet Medal of Honor posthumously.