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Lieutenant Velth Andurean

Name Velth Andurean

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 'Orion' Kolari
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 183 lbs
Hair Color Green-Black
Eye Color Green-Black
Physical Description Andurean wears typical Orion desert garb when he’s not on duty, layered tight clothing that creates patterns based on shape with clasps and fastens with round metal disks that twist to lock or unlock. His hair is long and straight and fairly fine, easily catching in the lightest breezes and lifting in a fan like fine Asian or Native American hair.

In uniform he wears his hair pulled into a bun at the base of his neck in order to comply with uniform dress code or worn braided and wrapped around his skull in a tight cap, in that style typically there are metallic cords running through it punctuated here and there with small gems.

His eyes are so dark a green that, like his hair, they appear black but when the light reflects off of them they reflect an emerald hue. His ears are slightly pointed, reflecting Vulcan heritage somewhere in his background and those that come into proximity notice he has a pleasant masculine body odor even if they’re not sexually attracted to his sex.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Orellean
Mother Arozeal
Brother(s) Sipratean (17), Azorean (26)
Sister(s) Eayamone (39)
Other Family His Clan of over 300 individuals is all related through blood or marriage

Personality & Traits

General Overview At work Andurean is very Vulcan; reserved, logical and controlled. Off-shift and on leave, his control quickly erodes unless he's "working" as a Duelist and then he becomes even colder, if possible. He is hyper-efficient, anticipating needs and always going above and beyond while maintaining an effortless facade.

Andurean is a bit of a lout, given to drink and rousting about, gambling and wrestling. He loves the camaraderie of the group of like-minded individuals and romanced his way through much of the student body of the Academy while attending and quite a few of the faculty, as well.

While a bit of a rouge, he isn’t cruel or a selfish person and shows himself to be more than empathetic towards others in certain moments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Andurean is pretty much fearless, though he has a high respect for the preservation of his own skin; he’s a bit of a thrill-seeker. He free-climbs, gets into all kinds of fights and finds his way around one seedy dive after another. In that, he seems quite fluent in “disreputable” and has used his contacts to further his career a number of times.

Due to his fitness regime and his background, he is extremely fit. Further than that, as a Kolari of the Velth and the Deep Tribes and raised by a Vulcan adept, he has been trained as an adept. To that end he has learned adept level control of himself, to the point that he can mute his own pheromone production by an act of will, contract or dilate his blood vessels and arteries, control his heart rate and to shield his thoughts. As a Kolari his species has a slightly higher incidence of psionically active people than Humans, though most of the “civilized” Kolari kill or enslave their telepaths. The Deep Tribes see telepaths as a resource and one clan, the Velth, train their all of their members in Vulcan adept techniques to make them stronger. Those graced with the telepathic gift receive additional training and learn to mind-meld and defend their minds against intrusion. Andurean’s telepathy is very weak and he is really only able to achieve telepathic communion via touch.

As a Kolari (aka Orion to outsiders), Andurean is green blooded copper-based like a Vulcan and like Vulcans, evolved on a hot and extremely bright desert planet. Like Vulcans Kolari are extremely tolerant of bright lights, though they do not possess a nictitating eyelid against bright light, instead they have a special “anti-glare” layer on the inside of their corneal-lens that can darken to protect the eyes against flares of light. Kolari evolved from copper-based reptiles and became endothermic in response to the cold desert nights but a holdover of that time is their resistance to high levels of UV radiation and their regeneration, where they heal quickly and usually without scars and can regenerate soft-tissue damage fairly quickly. They have also retained their reptilian carrion-eater resistance to bacterial and viral infections and have a high resistance to a variety of toxins.

Some Kolari have an innate ability to influence others through the production of pheromones. For centuries they have put forth the idea that their “slave women” had this ability when in fact these females usually wore a special perfume made to attract males of specific species it was crafted to affect while Kolari males were virtually immune to it. Because Kolari Houses typically have and trade in slaves from a variety of other species and because Kolari are one of the species that can safely resist the biochemical dangers of mating with Deltans, hybrids that inherited the Deltan pheromone production have popped up. Over the generation these traits have been carefully nurtured, considered valuable in male slaves and invaluable in females, who secretly run Kolari government and society.

In the Velth, the origins of the Clan lie in the distant past when a Vulcan explorer crashed in the deep desert and was befriended by a tribe there. His offspring with the local females came to understand the teachings of Surak and logic but also the basics of Vulcan telepathy and the skills of the adept, which made them a stronger people more able to thrive in their environment. Outsiders married into the Tribe, bringing with them outside genes and some of those included Deltan genes. In this way, Andurean gets his pleasant odor and his weak telepathic abilities.

Andurean has a unique ability to learn languages at a greater speed of assimilation than most people. He can enhance that through touch and his abilities seem to allow him to learn how to communicate verbally faster since his telepathic skills are so weak. Proper study by Deltan or Efrosian adepts may come up with a different interpretation of how that happens though.
Ambitions Andurean joined Starfleet to explore the rest of the Universe and to seek adventure, to test himself and to make friends and black a few eyes along the way. He’d like to compete in an all-quadrant martial arts competition and then go out carousing afterward. He wants to free climb Mt Selaya on Vulcan as Vulcan youths do and do Everest and the Andorian Everival Mountain only with thermal gear and rations like they did “in the old days”. He’d love to do a beer-tour of the greater Alpha Quadrant civilized races to try all the brews. He’d like to do an orbital dive into the thunderous atmosphere of Tellar in a ground-suit.
Hobbies & Interests Orbital diving, brawling and carousing, gambling, wrestling, martial arts in general, beers and specialized liquors, Shizaru, mok’baRa, Aikido, calligraphy, cooking, archery, ancient firearms, assembling models without instructions, military sciences and ancient languages and cultures.

Languages: Kolari (White-Sands Dialect), Kolari (Primary), Kolari (Desert-Ployglot) Duelist Cant, Standard, Romulan (all three primary dialects), ThlIngan HoL, Deltan, Andorian, Vulcan (current and “old”), Tellarite, Xindi (Primary Dialect). He has studied the written forms of Iconian, Kalandan and a mysterious ancient species called the Celiar.

Personal History Born in the deep sands of Rigel 3’s most hellish desert to the Deep Tribe Clan Velth , a tribe known for their stoicism and strength amongst a breed of people who respect stoicism and strength, Andurean arrived silently into the world. His mother had not made a sound as she squatted over a large leather tarp, which caught the moisture her body was giving up for Andurean’s birth inside the tent she shared with her family of spouses, co-spouses and co-children. Andurean was her first child and while she was young, just three years past her majority, she had done her duty to bring her son into the world with strength. Hands twisted into the birthing loops that hung from the tent supports, her prime-husband stood behind her and helped support her during her labors as both her mother and husband’s mother squatted before her and performed the meditations and prepared for the child’s birth. Her windslither, Stherr, a dangerous serpent only found in the deepest deserts, rode around her shoulders the entire time, undulating softly as if massaging her as she worked to give birth.

Andurean’s father, a young man as well, was wealthy by tribal standards and traded rare materials with the cities and like his wife, was also graced with a windslither and all that came with it, their serpents were mated even as they were, pair to pair. Because Andurean was a male, it was his father’s right to be the first to touch him as he emerged from his mother so the first mind other than his mother’s that he felt was his father’s, as his powerfully rough yet gentle hands caught him and rolled him in dry sand until it fell away revealing cleansed soft pale emerald skin. A faint glimmer, like stars, sparkled here and there in Andurean’s green-black hair and the soft points of his ears, matching both of his parents’ as the pyrite-like flecks in the sand caught in the dim lighting.

He was named Andurean’del sen’Velth or “Day-Stars, son of Velth” in the Kolari dialect they spoke. As the first born of his family and healthy, there was a cause for celebration. That he came into the world silently showed he had promise and would be an asset to the tribe. And then before he was a year old, one of the windslither fingerlings (windslithers had live births) had formed the bond with him and he had survived the “arveda’shen” or “binding-fever”. Now considered doubly-blessed, his parents began to teach him how to control himself and his perceptions, the ways of the desert, melding minds with him often to impart these skills and then to allow him to practice.

It was discovered early that his telepathy was fairly weak but that certain subconscious parts of the mind he seems to have greater access and sensitivity to. While he would have no great powers to perform upon the minds of others (barely having enough to perform the nerve-pinch adequately) he was able to master himself to a high degree, even more than one would have considered. So then, when he was ten and it was time for him to go into the deserts naked and survive for ten days on his keswah’ni, it was no surprise when he returned at the dawn of the eleventh day healthy, rested and only slightly dehydrated.

Now seen as an apprentice man, not quite an adult but learning how to take on a man’s responsibilities, he entered the service of a Clan Elder and began to perform the duties of young men. Most of those job were the “dirty jobs” such as cleaning offal out of the creatures the hunters brought back, water reclamation, changing the cleansing sands, gathering the herbs, fruits and vegetables of the deserts they all needed to survive. Cleaning and caring for the Ouro, the dune-sweepers that they used as mounts and pack animals as well and of course, keeping watch. By now, his parents had Eayamone and Sipratean, his sister was growing into a beautiful maiden, her long fine coppery hair almost as bright as her sun-gold eyes and a tremendous contrast to her nearly black skin. The equivalent of an albino, or kouraroi, in her people, she was slender and graceful and exotic.

Right after she passed her keswah’ni and having already linked with a windslither and proven more capable at telepathy than her older brother by far, she was kidnapped as a Tribe-Moot by head-hunters from Rigel-City. Two of them were dead before they managed to knock her out from wounds she inflicted, two more were suffering from her fingerling’s poisonous bite and would be dead (or desperately wishing they were) before they got halfway home.

The Velth rose in a rage, silent and deadly, they flew across the sands on their dune-sweepers, men and women, old and young, armed to the teeth while the other Tribes spread the word about what had happened and called for a Forbiddance to all Outsiders. The Velth arrived at Rigel-City a week after one of their daughters was taken, Arozeal leading them and sensing her daughter from time to time as she reacted to insults upon herself. Under stealth they entered the City in the day and at night, swarming into the city to take up positions to provide maximum tactical advantage, Andurean in the advance party that were to enter the Great House and to take their revenge, garnering his sister’s release.

Silently the Velth took down the common guards using primitive attacks and stealth, they avoided sensors and monitors, bypassed those systems with tiny tools they carried with them and using skills trained and honed during their lives. Andurean and his father, his grandfather and three close-kin entered the House even as his mother and her group scaled an out wall closer to his sister to make a play for her. Like shadows they flitted through the darkness, like shadows they were utterly silent.

As they entered a central hall, from which all corridors led from and to, they espied a single warrior standing in the middle in meditation. His clothing blurred his form and was featureless gray, he wore no visible weapons but they knew he was armed with certain weapons. He was, after all, a Duelist. One of those contract killers bought and used to settle disputes between Houses to prevent wars and the loss of great assets.

And behind him, sprawled on pillows, lay a vastly corpulent Kolari barely covered in anything except jewels and oils, laying upon glittering silk cushions with their sister across his chest and bound and gagged. Her position suggested he had something in mind that would have inflamed anyone but the Velth, though it did make Andurean frown slightly.

Andurean rose silently from the cover of darkness, sensing the warnings not to from his fellows and advanced into the light fully. He wore no armor and only a sleeve-coat, a sort of abbreviated jacket that covered the shoulders and the shoulder blades across the back, covered the arms fully and the backs of the hands and was held together across the front with a single twist-lock. His torso was bare beneath this showing his green skin and muscular build and of course, his white tattoos that explained only to those Tribes that understood them and the Duelist, exactly what he was.

The Duelist, for his part, stiffened as the fifteen-year old youth approached and stopped, weight kicked onto one hip and arms hanging loosely. His pants were fitted to him so as to be silent, two twist-locks holding them on by one high in the front and one high in the back, the leather straps of the pants crossing on the sides. His hair had been twisted into tiny braids and these had been woven around his head in a tight cap and around his bare neck a foot-long windslither glared at the Duelist with clear menace.

“This action is not becoming,” Andurean’s surprisingly deep voice spoke to the Duelist. “Was this explicitly a part of your contract?”

“Yes,” came the softer reply.

“Then what are the terms?” Andurean asked.

“KILL HIM! KILL THEM AL-!” the fat-man squealed from the other end of the hall, only to have the Duelist rise his hand without looking back which caused the bigger man to abruptly shut up.

“Are you prepared to die?” the Duelist asked Andurean.

“I am already dead,” Andurean replied back formulaically, “my ghost is all that remains.”

“You know the lessons well,” the Duelist replied, “but how many men have you killed?”

“How many were stationed between the west entrance and this door?” he gestured behind him.

“You have some skill,” the Duelist conceded.

“I am Velth,” Andurean replied with relaxed dispassion.

The Duelist paused for a moment and then called to the fat man. “My Lord, do you know what Clan your raiders took the kouraroi from?”

“Why should I care?” he demanded.

“You will accompany me to the Broken House as my price,” the Duelist stated, whispering softly.

Andurean nodded once, despite the soft telepathic warnings and denials from his elders and Clan yet behind him.

“I have been defeated my Lord,” the Duelist told him. “The youth now takes me hostage to the Broken House. I am sorry I was unable to protect you against his vengeful clan.”

“WHAT!? The gross green mass screamed from the other end of the hall even as men and women were charging past the Duelist and Andurean on silent feet, their shadows and silhouettes in motion and all of them flinging writhing lengths of living death at him, even as they poured in from side corridors and above, as windows shattered and they fell upon him. He roared in fear and rage, the sound cutting off to a gurgling hiss as his throat closed, his body spasmed weakly as dozens toxic signatures plowed into his system, driven there by the bites of windslithers of all kinds biting him.

Nerveless fingers dropped the knife he was about to plunge into the kouraroi lying bound across his belly, who rolled off of him and into her mother’s arms.

Andurean stepped past the Duelist who turned and watched them for the first time, seeing as the body now dead still swelled from the poisons reacting in it’s body, the brain long since bursting in the skull and beginning to ooze out of whatever openings it could find, including the eyesockets. The youth advanced silently to his sister’s side as she stood, she her fingerling only now emerging from her nasal cavity where it had been hiding to keep from being killed. Silently, a long thin flensing knife appeared in Andurean’s right hand from his sleeve and he handed it to his sister, hilt first. She looked at him, he looked at her, their hands both reached up and touched one another’s faces with gentle fingertips and they said what needed between then inside their minds.

Andurean’s entire Clan came to him, one after another and offered their faces for his touch or offer their own touch, as their abilities allowed until a few minutes later, as the last finished and bent to the gory work behind them, Andurean stepped away from the spreading pool of toxic green blood and the nearly completely filleted creature that had once been a Slaver-Lord. His clan would leave the corpse displayed in the method of Vendetta, an ancient custom nearly as old as their species, so that no one would be foolish in their lifetimes to try something like this again.

Andurean silently joined the Duelist and departed via a transporter, never looking back at his Clan and they never looked back at him.

For the next decade Andurean traveled with his Master Duelist and honed his skills and learned how to have some fun in the process. He learned about drink and food, customs and languages and in doing so discovered he had a flair for learning languages through immersion. During this time he traveled all over the quadrant making contacts, exploring what the allied systems and associated species had to offer and made contact with the descendants of Velth on Vulcan. Once he had made contact and established his (tenuous) relationship through DNA matching, he was allowed to become a Federation citizen.

He spent three years on Vulcan learning about Vulcan culture, immersing himself in their language and studying modern linguistics and archaeological linguistics. Then, after completing a course of study, he entered Starfleet Academy on the Communications Officer track but over the course of his studies ended up in the double-qualification of Intelligence, since he seemed a natural at that sort of thing already (Starfleet doesn’t know, for sure, what he used to do).
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2252
2252-2253: Cadet Cruise on the USS Formalhaut, Communications Officer
2255-2261: USS Loraca, Science Voyage, Communications Officer
2261-2262: Personal Leave
2262-2265: USS Hawk, Eagle-class, Klingon Border Patrol, Intelligence Officer, Chief Communications Offcier
2265: Communications Officer USS Bonaventure
2265: Reassigned to Project Sleepwalker
2285: USS Victory, Chief Communications Officer
2286: KIA on Vulcan. Posthumously awarded Starfleet Medal of Honor for selfless valor.