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Captain Charybdis MacGregor

Name Charybdis 'Scylla Charvanek' MacGregor

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan badly masquerading as Vulcan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9" / 175.26 cm
Weight 174 lbs / 74 kilos
Hair Color Very dark brown, nearly black
Eye Color Shades of lavender and violet
Physical Description Charybdis (Kaar-ib-dis) is exceptionally curvaceous- a rare attribute amongst Vulcanoids, to be certain, and her figure is a fetching hourglass. Busty with a small waist, broad hips and a plush rounded posterior, her attributes are somewhat toned down in the military cut uniform of the modern era.

Rather tall, she stands nearly six feet in standard Starfleet-issue duty boots, and wears her hair down but pulled back, clearly showing her widow's peak while her curly hair cascades in ringlets down her back, free and loose, though it is within Starfleet regulation. She has grown it our from when her bangs matched her sharply angled eyebrows, rather than the traditional Vulcan 'bowl cut'.

Violet eyes that appear to be not unlike a nebulae surrounding her pupils, that are both unusual and striking- a family trait, while her skin tone is medium Caucasian with a slightly greenish tinge to it, which intensifies to a sage color when she is excited or mint when embarrassed.

Born in the year 2237 in the city of Dartha, Romulus.


Spouse Raine MacGregor, Human, age 36
Children (Twins, ideally half human, but bearing practically none of their father's genome yet all of Charybdis' genetic enhancements)
Raibeart Ruadh "Rob Roy" MacGregor, infant born 5 November 2286
Fiona Liviana MacGregor, infant born 5 November 2286
Father "J'sin: Deceased" / Claudius: Deceased / William McCray (adopted)
Mother "T'hetis: Deceased" / Liviana Charvanek / Bonnie McCray (adopted)
Brother(s) Wallace "Wally" McCray, adopted brother, age 52
Sister(s) Adopted sister Fiona McCray; deceased, 2285.
Other Family Four other brothers of the McCray clan would claim her as a sibling if pressed, but none are particularly close.

Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie MD served as an advisor and father figure to her, 'Eshuur', a role which was never formalized but was simply accepted. Deceased, 2286.

Personality & Traits

General Overview "A renegade Captain who appeared to do what she liked, when she liked without ever facing the consequences of her actions..." A Romulan spy implanted with the knowledge, memories and genetics of a Vulcan girl, sent to Vulcan to infiltrate and spy for the Star Empire, she escaped Vulcan to Earth, where she embraced the culture and made her way with considerable difficulty through the Academy.

Once in Starfleet, she spent a few years in a dead-end command aboard the USS Antares before achieving her posting aboard the USS Bonne Chance, where she meteorically rose from Lieutenant to Commander and First Officer based solely on merit... though many claimed it was through nepotism.

An accident on Risa involving experimental explosives, a class F shuttlecraft and Orion Syndicate hitmen resulted in the 'deaths' of herself and two other crewmen, which drew the Federation's full attention to the organized crime problem on Risa. This in turn resulted in the assault on Risa's criminal underworld known as "The Bonne Chance Crusade", spearheaded by one Commander Bonnie McCray, who returned to active duty to avenge the death of her daughter at the hands of the Syndicate.

However the "Bonne Chance Three" were not dead.

A temporal vortex had swallowed their vessel, as expressed by one Lieutenant Siivas McKenzie, who could convince very few in Starfleet of his strong connection to spatial phenomenon and understanding of 'this sort of thing'. Thus when the battered shuttlecraft emerged on the other side of the explosion that hurled them into a subpace temporal rift, he was there waiting for his friends, and once again proven correct.

Debriefed, re acclimated and uncertain of what to do with the anachronisms, Starfleet was subtly persuaded to keep them together and place them in command of the latest ship of the line to roll out of Planitia Utopia... the USS Victory.

Married to an earthman, she has borne his children and is now the Lady MacGregor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brilliant, but emotionally volatile. Tends toward light sarcasm, but demonstrates considerable compassion, though emotionally vulnerable. Tends to demonstrate a lack of compassion in personal conflicts and seeks productive dialogue, so long as the productivity is to her liking. Tends to show a remarkable lack of compassion when faced with combatants threatening those she consider to be in her care. Inventive and technologically gifted but no engineer.

Imaginative in the creation of solutions, particularly in combat scenarios, but has poor impulse control overall. When compared unfavorably to the stereotypical unemotional Vulcan she does not respond well, and is also not fond of being told that she must change to adapt. Strong-willed is an understatement.

Intensely acrobatic gymnast, despite her voluptuous physical form which would belie such ability, though her attributes tend to throw off her landings a bit. Possesses roughly six times the strength of a human and triple the endurance, with a surprising tolerance for Romulan Ale. However, her hand-eye coordination is poor, as her hands cannot keep up with her mind, rendering her a poor pilot, a subpar hands-on engineer and she tends to do poorly at many sports. Terrible shot with beam weapons.

Rules with her heart as well as her mind, she seeks a balance between the two and is learning, always learning... striving to know more to explore and to understand. A powerful telepath, she has undertook the training of a Deltan adept under Siivas McKenzie. It was never completed, but she is possessed of a number of techniques.

The windserpent Zhir was bonded with her willingly, thus augmenting her already considerable physical advantages... not the least of which is longevity. She has a considerable fear that she will outlive all that she holds dear, as those closest to her die and she continues on, apparently destined to see the thirtieth century and beyond.
Ambitions While initially she demonstrated and voiced no desire for command, instead enjoying being the 'power behind the throne', the able officer turned to in times of crisis. However, circumstances have conspired to deposit her in the Captain's chair, where she serves with no small amount of weariness.

Seeking to unite the peoples of Romulus and Vulcan is no small task, and as such she is uncertain how to approach it. But she feels at this point her best strategem is to master her starship so that when her moment in time arrives, she will be prepared for it.

While she hopes for the universe to have a moment of destiny for her, she fears that it will not.
Hobbies & Interests 4th dan black belt in judo, learned at Starfleet Academy. Master of Kormerek and Ch'Vashrek, she tends to try to stick to Judo when sparring, but will resort to the acrobatic and punishing martial arts she learned at the hands of the Tal Shiar when angered or in need.

Remarkable gymnast and acrobat, particularly given her lack of a gymnast's build. Reads technical manuals in her spare time and cooks various cuisines of the galaxy, often entertaining her officers with dinners she prepares in her quarters. While she delights in inappropriately suggestive behavior, she is working to restrain herself as she is no longer 'just an officer' but the captain of a vessel who must maintain a sense of decorum.

This is an ongoing battle for her.

Very fond of cooking and entertaining her friends with meals, has been known to dance on occasion, demonstrating exceptional grace and form or reflexes that show considerably intimate knowledge of a stripper pole. Watches old Earth vids of entertainments in a fascination and love of their culture, particularly fond of comedies, musicals and romantic fantasies.

Fond of high-gravity workouts and cardiovascular exercises with her husband Raine MacGregor, who is sometimes heard to complain of her stamina and insatiability. Spars with her officers from time to time, but less and less as time wears on and her duties continue to mount. She continues to push the boundaries of science and its applications for Star Fleet.

Personal History The family line of J'sin had come down to just he himself; his mother had perished in childbirth, while his father had fallen victim to Pa'nar Syndrome and died screaming in quarantine, kept away from the civilized and serene citizens of Vulcan. T'hetis' parents had fared no better; explorers both, they had perished when their antimatter reactor had begun slowly leaking radiation into the life support system, which had eroded the system while slowly irradiating them both. Their lifeless bodies, dessicated but airlessly preserved had been intercepted in Vulcan orbit upon their return from their mission, dead long months before yet continuing home in a tragic turn of fate.

Together they made their peace with the IDIC, and joined together, and their union was fruitful. They produced a daughter, whom they named Charybdis, who would continue their respective lines. Or so it was planned. A marriage was arranged with Turok, the son of their neighbors who was a year older than Charybdis, and both of their lines would continue.

J'sin pursued his studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, excelling in astronavigation, while T'hetis pursued the field of xenology, studying those alien lifeforms of the galaxy that were slowly coming to the fore. Together it was only logical that they pursue a career in exploration, and when Charybdis had fulfilled her Kahs-wan and achieved her fourteenth cycle, she had chosen to begin studying engineering. Thus she was qualified to assist her parents as they set out for a two year tour of the galaxy, to explore and seek out new life and new civilizations. Perhaps they would make first contact, as had the crew of the T'Plana-Hath when they encountered the first warp signature of humanity, thus founding the basis for what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets.

Or perhaps not.

Tragedy awaited them among the stars, the selfsame spectre that had haunted their forebears. Nearly a year out from Vulcan, raiders from the Romulan Star Empire captured their exploration vessel and all was lost. J'Sin and T'hetis would never see the stars again, and Charybdis would be made part of an experiment of the Tal Shiar.

Scylla Charvanek was the daughter of a remarkably successful Romulan commander who had been turned over to General Rikal years ago to be used in subversive operations. She was the same age as Charybdis, and this her body was altered using techniques gleaned from a captured cryoship that had escaped earth centuries before and been captured by the Empire. Her appearance was changed to match that of Charybdis, as well as augmenting her considerably- her intellect, strength, endurance and coordination.

Hand-eye coordination suffered as a result, and some mental instability was also present... but no matter. As Charybdis' mind was stripped of its mental patterns, they were recorded onto Scylla's mind, with the agony of the experience lending her a defense against the dread Vulcan mind meld. The experience shattered her, but that was part of the plan. New memories were recorded and overlaid to give her a cover story, and she was placed back into the strategically damaged ship after being severely beaten and violated by captive Klingons to make it convincing.

From the fiction programmed into her, J'sin was unwilling to let his line live in captivity, there most likely to die, and over time a plan was formed and hatched. In the course of their escape attempt both J'sin and T'hetis sacrificed themselves to enable their offspring to escape the Klingon raiders, sabotaging their captor's vessel sufficiently to destroy it while the Shek-Hinah reversed course and carried the last descendant of two houses of Vulcan back to her homeworld.

Collected by an orbital patrol and returned to Vulcan after an eight month voyage, she was embraced by Vulcan, to be cared for as a broken child of the stars; but there was nothing left there for Charybdis. Her family was gone, their mission a failure and she found the possibility of pursuing Kolinahr to be a quite distant and undesirable goal. Turok had perished during his own Kahs-wan, as these things sometimes happened, and it somehow seemed to be par for the course for her life.

Her ordeal in space and her struggle to find her place on Vulcan changed her considerably, and now she was moody and withdrawn, while prone to anger and sudden bursts of violence- in short, a poor fit for Vulcan. The girl's shattered sanity left her for all intents and purposes incapacitated, as she could not pursue studies nor contribute to society. After over two years in a 'care facility', she destroyed the mind of her 'caretaker' and proved her relative sanity, to be released. A new start was needed, and when she announced intention to pursue a career in Starfleet, none questioned her decision, nor her logic.

Very few Vulcans had attended Starfleet Academy, and she usually found herself often unfavorably compared to those who had gone before her. Logical and controlled with a dry sense of humor she was not; instead, the emotionally expressive and occasionally violently reactive cadet found herself in trouble more often than not, and rather than speeding through the program at an accelerated pace, she instead completed the four year program in six. It was rumored that she was retained in Starfleet Academy more than once by direct intercession and political pressure from the office of the Vulcan embassy. As Admiral Cartwright expressed, "Looks like they don't want her back either."

Even so, she excelled at her studies and received high marks in most classes despite having to repeat a number of them due to insubordination, and was eventually turned out of the Academy in Science blue, to serve aboard her first command: the USS Antares NCC-501, a small freighter.

There, she served with some difficulty... the less rigid life aboard a small starship suited her better than the Academy, and her commanding officer was an easygoing man, hard to rile and quick to forgive. Even so, she tested his patience regularly until an encounter with a hostile Betelgeusian warship heavily damaged the old Antares, killing the Chief Science Officer as well as a number of the bridge crew when the hull was breached. Charybdis personally dragged Commander Matthews from the decompressing bridge, and she led the recovery team to engineering where she organized the emergency bridge. She not only managed to save the ship that day, but destroyed the enemy vessel with a brilliant 'lame duck' ploy.

Charybdis, it seemed, would slowly become volatile if left idle for too long. But in battle she came alive, and she found her calling.

She served aboard the Antares for four years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade before Starfleet Command finally granted her request to be transferred to a Constitution Class ship. While her commanding officer tried to convince her to transfer to Tactical, Engineering or even Command, she would not be swayed from Science- as she pointed out, her goal was to educate herself on the ongoing technological advancements of the new age, and in Science she would have access to an overview of every advancement as it was made.

Reluctantly, recently promoted Captain Matthews signed the order and wished her well... he had grown fond of the smirking pointy-eared vixen, so very much unlike his expectations of a Vulcan in so very many ways. But to deny her indefinitely would be to keep a time bomb on his ship, and he knew it. Instead he noted her personnel file and recommended her for promotion to Lieutenant, then sent it along to the next poor soul who would likely be excited to have a Vulcan science officer coming aboard.

Only to be in for the revelation that all Vulcans, it seemed, were not created equal.

Upon assignment to the Bonne Chance she befriended one Siivas McKenzie MD, the Deltan ship's surgeon, and when the vessel was drawn into a spatial anomaly that began causing the crew to vanish, the duo worked together to save the ship and the remaining 40% of the crew. This led to her first true rebellion against the Empire, as she refused to pilot the vessel home to Romulus as a prize, solely because she would not betray her friend. This subsequently led to more and more of her programming breaking down, and a bond of friendship that would shape her life.

Captain Timothy O'Conner took over as captain of the Bonne Chance, and the two were immediately drawn to one another... perhaps by genetic imperative, perhaps by destiny or perhaps by simple lust. Whatever the answer they became involved quickly and became inseparable, with him learning of her secret past by virtue of her sudden and surprising manifestation of the Vulcan mind meld, which she used unconsciously to confess the truth to him while they slept. He confronted her and she admitted it, after which he vowed that they would find a way to deal with it.

Meanwhile, the telepathic Deltan physician sought her out in her dreams, which she was unknowingly projecting to the numerous telepaths onboard the Bonne Chance (most of whom were part of his hand-picked medical staff) and taught her not only how to control her burgeoning telepathy, but also how to begin to take an active role in reassembling her mind, consciously embracing the many disparate components of her personality to make an actual healthy whole person for the first time in her adult life.

The events of the "Bonne Chance Three" catapulted her and her friends twenty years into the future... whereupon her Romulan heritage was uncovered. However, their highly public reappearance combined with their minor but pivotal role in history caused a problem for Starfleet- they could not simply denounce and imprison her without severely embarrassing both themselves and the planet Vulcan, both of whom she had managed to deceive in her career.

A plan hatched by rear Admiral Tom Jones of Starfleet Intelligence brought about the conclusion that she needed to be retained, on a very long leash from Earth, and that the more duress she was placed under, the greater the performance she would produce. Combining that with the responsibility of caring for an entire crew and vessel, Jones gambled that Captain Charybdis could make a positive difference in Starfleet.

Failing that, a ship that would otherwise have been a failure would be blown to atoms by enemies of the fleet and they would be rid of a ship of undesirables while gaining diplomatic currency.

The Victory has surprised them all, however, and if the fleet had an idea of what they were really creating onboard the mysterious Constitution-Class 'refit' vessel- the last of its kind to be built- the Victory might never leave Earth spacedock again.

But the spies are not all getting through, and the wondrous experiment that is the USS Victory continues to evolve... as does her courageous captain.
Service Record No fewer than eleven different reprimands in her Starfleet Academy file, including punishments levied for gambling, lewd behavior, dress code violations, fraternization, public drunkenness, brawling, malingering and excessive demerits. Three separate accusations of academic fraud were dismissed after thorough investigation, and while she was set back by up to a year in her progress, she was never expelled from the Academy. It is theorized that the Vulcan Embassy exerted some pressure on Starfleet in this matter. Graduated 2261.

Assigned to duty as a Science Officer, USS Antares NCC 501, 2261

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Antares, 2262

Demoted to Ensign, USS Antares, 2262, from report generated by Lieutenant Commander Henri Clay

Received the Prentares Ribbon of Commendation for heroism and inventive thinking, 2263

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Antares, 2263 by Commander Ford Matthews

Promoted to Chief Science Officer, USS Antares, 2263 by Commander Ford Matthews

Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Antares, 2265 by Captain Ford Matthews

Transferred to USS Bonne Chance as Science Officer, 2265 under Captain Damien Le Baron

Formally reprimanded for conduct unbecoming an officer, 2265 by Lieutenant Suval, Chief Science Officer, USS Bonne Chance

Promoted to Chief Science Officer, USS Bonne Chance, 2265 by Captain Timothy O'Conner

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, USS Bonne Chance, 2265 by Captain Timothy O'Conner

Promoted to Commander, USS Bonne Chance, 2265 by Vice Admiral Suzanna Thompson

Promoted to Captain, USS Victory, 2285 by Vice Admiral George Nimitz